Recent graduates' journies through college and into the workforce

Episode 1 - Insurance

The insurance industry is starving for talent! Insurance broker Meena Barikzi talks about her journey through the actuarial science degree, her current job, and insurance industry trends. UNLV student Timothy Ryu joined us to ask questions, share his experiences, and seek advice.

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Episode 2 - Civil Engineering

Andy Cline, a local civil engineer, came through to talk about his long battle with the engineering degree, his experience in the workforce, the engineering exam process, and what his typical day looks like. He gives great advice for those who are still in school, those who are looking for a job, as well as those who are just starting their careers.

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Episode 3 - Casino Analytics

Slot analyst Christian Cordova talks about his time at UNLV as a math major and his struggle to find a job during the COVID pandemic. He shares his amazing personal and professional transformation story, his journey into his current role, and what his day-to-day looks like.

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Episode 4 - Mechanical Engineering

Josh Kelley, a plant engineer for NV Energy, joins me to talk about his experience as an engineering major. He gives great advice to aspiring engineers and highlights the importance of networking and soft skills, even for very technical jobs.

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Episode 5 - Photography

Jen Funderburk is a professional photographer who shared her amazing story of getting through school, discovering her passion, and creating a her own business out of it. Her story is inspiring and she serves as a great example of pivoting, following your passions, and creating something lucrative out of them.

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Episode 6 - Religious Mission

New accounting intern Mason Molina talks about his unorthodox journey post-graduation. Instead of getting a job like everyone else, he served a mission, where he learned more than he ever could have imagined.

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Episode 7 - Postdoc Researcher

Earning a PhD is a huge milestone as a student. Kasra Ghararian, a postdoctoral research fellow at the International Gaming Institute at UNLV, stopped by to talk about his experience navigating academia and to give great advice to the next generation of scholars.

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Episode 8 - Computer Science

Luis Castañeda is a self-made computer science whiz. He dropped in to talk about his experience getting his undergrad in computer science and what he did with it.

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Episode 9 - Aviation

Chase Norberg is a private jet pilot and Radek Fritz is an aviation student, both of whom work at Thrive Aviation in Las Vegas, NV. They talk about their journeys getting their pilot licensure, comparing and contrasting the private route and the university route.

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Episode 10 - Culinary

Sloan Lopez embodies passion for the culinary arts. He shares his journey through school, where he compares community college with university. He also gives great advice for students in the form of: I wish I would have….

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Episode 11 - Financial Analyst

Ali Salman came all the way down from Utah to talk about his experience going through school and landing the job at Goldman Sachs.

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Episode 12 - Sports Insurance

Scott Barr is an insurance prodigy. He talks about going through school and his rapid journey up the ranks in the insurance industry, giving great advice to students along the way.

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Episode 13 - Events Management

After getting a rich educational experience at UNLV, events manager Emily Thompson takes on the Las Vegas Strip. She talks about her experience at UNLV as well as her current role at the Westin.

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Episode 14 - Physics (Spain)

Jan Nogue is a quantum engineer at Qilimanjaro in Barcelona, Spain. He talked about going through university in a different country and getting his current role at one of the top companies in the quantum space.

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Episode 15 - Product Analyst

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