A Very Long Day of Travel

These past couple of months have had me running in so many different directions all at once. I have been involved in so many projects, events, and extracurriculars that I feel really burned out moving into summer.

But I am hoping that this trip will reinvigorate me.

I will be traveling to Europe for exactly one month, where all I will be living out of an extremely small backpack. This is because I will be flying the discount airlines all around Europe, which are even more strict than the likes of Frontier and Spirit. Normally, it wouldn’t be a challenge for me, but because part of my trip is business, I will have to dress professionally.

Because of that, I had to wear dress clothes while traveling… which were not exactly as comfortable as sweat pants might have been. But at least people treated me like an international businessman.

By the time I got on the train from Amsterdam to Breda, I was so tired that I was actually starting to doze off. It took everything in my power to keep myself awake so I wouldn’t miss the stop. Luckily, the landscape was absolutely beautiful.

I was so well-received my Marli and family. It’s funny, because I have only met them one time previously when I was about 10, but it feels like I have always been family and I have known them forever. I am seriously looking forward to spending time with them :)