After putting my life on pause for about 10 days being super sick, I have resumed the fun. My life has changed a little bit since Radek has arrived. I have a little more down time and I spend much more time with him. In the mornings, we caffeinate on his terrace until we slowly find something to do for the day. Since I now feel much better, I have been skating, hanging out with my friends, playing soccer, and in general being much more active.

In my down time, I have been making an effort to learn Romanian, spending about an hour or so every day on Duolingo, on my computer, or just learning different vocabulary words. I really don't want to get to Romania and not be able to communicate, let alone make friends. The language is actually really hard; supposedly it's a Romance language, but it is SUPER different from Spanish or Catalan. In Spanish there are 3 verb groups and a managable amount of irregular verbs, while in Romanian there are 4 verb groups and a ton of irregular verbs. I almost feel like they are telling me, "here are the rules for each verb group, but they don't actually apply most of the time so good luck". The other frustrating part of learning Romanian is the fact that there aren't as many good resources out there as there are for more "popular" languages. Either way, I'm really happy to have something to be excited about educationally speaking. My goal is to get to a point that in November I can call my aunt and practice some broken Romanian.

This weekend I went out two nights in a row to the same district called Marina. The bar scene there is a little more... alternative, but since it's super cheap to drink down there I make it work. The bars in Marina used to all be metal/alternative bars, but in recent years "trendier" bars have trickled in here and there. The first night I went out with Didi and his heavy metal friends to a bar that played mostly metal (but also a little bit of salsa? weird vibes). It wasn't really my scene but I met some cool people and had a good time nonetheless. Didi and his friends are super welcoming. One of them even invited me to a party at his house this coming weekend! The next night, I went out with Radek and Gabriel to a different set of bars, where we drunkenly made friends, trolled people on the street, and all in all messed around. I went up to talk to these two random girls and I guess I didn't like what they had to say, so I just turned around and walked off with no warning, leaving Radek like "wtf just happened". We ended up rolling home on the metro at 5AM.

The next morning after going out, I ended up waking up at 9AM to go play three and a half hours of futsal with some of my friends. Unfortunately, we won a lot of the games, so we had to stay on the court and played until we lost. Normally, I would say this was a good thing, but considering that I was hungover and runnning on 4 hours of sleep, I was a little reluctant to keep dragging my feet around. It was worth it though, because I made a much of friends, who told me that they would invite me to come play with them whenever they went to play. I also briefly lost my 80 euro metro pass, but luckily found it on the ground up the street from the metro station. Crisis averted.

Not really that much going on this week, but I am looking forward to Arane coming to visit this coming week as well as some other small things I have planned!