Newton's third law states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. I know that good ol' Sir Isaac was talking about motion, but I think that it really sums up my life this past week. I spent 5 days in Madrid having an absolute BLAST. During the days, we went all over the city, doing cool stuff and seeing lots of people, and at night we went out on the town, dancing, drinking, and getting hit on by gay guys. We were doing so many cool things and having so much fun that we barely slept. So by the time I got back to Barcelona I ended up getting super sick :(. All the busy days and chaotic nights finally caught up with me, leaving me basically bed-ridden for pretty much the whole week. In fact, I am still sick as I write this.

Of course, the week wasn't really that bad. I just had to stay at home and be sick every day. Some people really like being in bed all day, but those of you who know me know that I am anything but one of those people. I was getting super restless and it was driving me crazy. At first, I was sure that it wasn't COVID, but after talking to some of my friends I got scared that I might have it. So I went to the pharmacy and took a test and sure enough, it came back negative. Trust your body. Another unfortunate event is that my ereader broke, so I have to buy a new one and rush to finish the book club book for the month of October. Its looking like the co-founder of the Barcelona Book Club is going to show up to the first meeting not having read the book LOL.

The highlight of my week was having Radek finally get into town. Although of course the first couple of days were pretty miserable for me. He got in on my worst day in terms of sickness, and I had to go get him from the airport, take him to the bank, and get him all settled into his apartment. Then, the next couple days I spent all over the city helping him get a phone plan, learn how to get around the city, and taking him sight seeing. I am glad I got out of the house because I needed it mentally, but I definitely extended my ill condition. Hopefully I get better soon, for my sake and Radek's!

Bottom line: for every action of euphoria, there must be an equal, opposite reaction of misery.